Cheryl, Chair
Cheryl, Chair
  • Husband and Daughter FAP patients
  • Understands the effects on family
  • Grateful to St Mark’s and Polyposis Registry
  • Hopes to help families of patients

Cheryl’s Story

I was married to Peter the original chair of PolyPeople and before he sadly passed away in January 2018, he made the Polyposis unit and his family promise to carry on his work to support patients. So here I am as joint chair!

I knew Peter from the start of developing his symptoms of FAP and have been through all his four major surgeries and recovery with him.

“I understand the support and care that’s needed to get a patient through.”

I also have the experience of children being tested and given their diagnosis. So I understand the effects of Polyposis Syndrome on the family and how you cope with surgery, manage the condition and the psychological affects of FAP. 

I was with my daughter Elissa from diagnosis to surgery to six monthly appointments at St. Mark’s with an added complication of her needle phobia! 

“I am very grateful to the wonderful work they do at St Mark’s and the Polyposis Registry, who are always ready with advice.”

Through PolyPeople I can offer to support any family member who finds themselves in a similar situation to myself.